Project Phase Life-Cycle Front End Engineering Design (Feed) & Detail Design


FORDIASI.COM | SAINS - Front End Engineering Design (FEED) adalah proses pengembangan konseptual proyek, Ini mencakup perencanaan dan desain yang kuat di awal siklus hidup proyek (yaitu, ujung depan proyek), pada tahap ini ada beberapa data yang yang harus sampaikan yaitu:

1. Project Design Basis :

a. Codes, standards, materials forconstruction

b. Maintenance philosophy (process, civil ,mechanical, electrical & controls)

c. Hazardous areas classifications

d. Preliminary HAZOPs

2. Process :

a. Process Flow Diagrams

b. P&Ids

c. Balances (Fluids, Energy and material )

d. Equipment & process providers list


3. Environmental Assessment :

a. Aspects/ impacts analysis

b. Legal compliance requirements

4. Permitting plan :

a. Permits List and schedule for application and clearance

b. Operating licences list and schedule for application and clearance

5. Site Information :

a. Site Grading

b. Soil reports

c. Drainage

d. Plot plans (On and Off site with transportation plans)

e. Buildings/Equipment lay outs

f. Pipe racks

g. Fire protection

6. Civil , Structural & Mechanical :

a. Foundations

b. Buildings architectural

c. Structural

d. Floor plans & elevations


7. Electrical :

a. Loading data

b. Power grid tie-in

c. Power Sub-station

d. Power distribution and hook ups

e. Motors list

f. Duct & cable specification and routing

g. Lighting

h. Lightning design

i. Bill of quantities for goods & services

8. Utilities :

a. Flow diagrams

b. Material and fluids balances

c. Tie-ins to suppliers including when applicable water, waste water, storm water, power, gas, steam, road, rail, port or river.

d. On-site distribution lines

e. Effluents treatment design Environmental & legal requirements

f. Bill of Quantities for goods & services

9. Piping :

a. Piping stress / material specifications

b. Piping single line diagrams

c. Supports

d. Valves lists & data sheets

e. Piping arrangements & Isometrics drawings

f. Utilities piping design

g. Pipe-racks distribution and tie-ins

h. Bill of quantities for goods & services

10. Instrumentation & Control :

a. Control philosophy & interlock diagrams

b. Programmable Logic controllers and control panels data sheets

c. Instruments lists and data sheets

d. Control room lay out design

e. Instruments ,PLC and panels lay out

f. Instrumentation equipment (hook up, piping, duct routing and cabling design)

g. Single line diagrams

h. Bill of Quantities

11. Equipment Lists and Data sheets : detailed BoQ aligned with Ready For Construction drawings

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